Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scarewaves=Not Scary

This is a new anthology film released by Camp on one of  their Sister Labels,  I loved the idea of this anthology. The wrap around has a disc jockey telling scary stories to his audience problem is although a bit entertaining they are not scary at all. The first story really makes no sense an artist who every time it turns midnight does a chant & some Demon from hell kills his models until one turns the tables & then ends up working for the demon, Been there done that. Next up two cousins rob an armored car, One of the cousins wife tries to seduce the other he turns her down ,He then tells his cousin her dirty trick & they decide to kill her she comes back to life & the cousin gets so freaked out he accidently shoots his cousin blah blah Yes Cousin 1 & Cousin 2. Next up The Best story in the anthology is about a trigger happy cop who gets a job as a security guard and is haunted by his past, it comes back to get him, We are back to the wrap around disc jockey gets a call that he owes money dude shows up with a gun but oh scary the disc jokey is a vampire. The movie was entertaining but these just are not good enough Horror films that anyone should go out & spend money on when you can just go buy something great like Creepshow & so many others. oops I almost forgot there was one more story It was about a couple who plan on killing the boyfriends Girlfriend so they can be together, meanwhile the disc jokey is telling you these stories. Yes I watched the whole thing I confess.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

OLD 37 Is Nothing New

I won't say this is a bad film by any means but it's not something I would wanna watch twice. Unless your a huge fan of Kane Hodder killing kids this movie really isn't all that great or original. It starts off with a girl laying in the road injured when a paramedic of course shows up and kills her, while all this is going on there are 2 boys watching from the ambulance. It turns out these two boys are from an abusive family & grow up to be our main killers like father like son Bill Moseley & Kane Hodder. They are not actually paramedics they actually run a junk yard intercept 911 calls & live like complete white  trash that we are all to familiar with from films like House of a thousand corpses and The Texas Chainsaw massacre. Mosley the older brother started torturing his younger brother Hodder as a kid in a like father like son fashion which is why Hodder wears the mask to cover his messed up face. We FWD to present day & while drag racing an old lady checks her mail it blows out of her hand in a gust of wind causing her to go in the road and retrieve it & all of a sudden...Splat the woman is creamed by a car drag racing & the kids in fear they will go to jail just decide to leave her there. It turns out this in fact is Moseley & Hodder's Mother which I saw coming from a mile away so they seek revenge on the teenagers. It's really not that gory or exciting but it is entertaining for one watch, If it didn't have these horror icons in it I don't think it would have anything redeemable about it at all except it had a fairly decent budget, This would of been better as a pretend trailer or even a short film, it just dragged on & was very predictable. But not a terrible film by any means, Old 37 also has a surprise appearance from Lloyd Kaufman . In closing if your a Huge Kane Hodder fan Check it out if not I wouldn't waste my time.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

David Hayes A Indie Horror Legend!

CONTACT:  David C. Hayes

Fall is this independent boogeyman’s season

With a cinematic and literary body count that rivals Freddie Krueger, performer, author and filmmaker, David C. Hayes will be bringing his unique dark and twisted vision to the Halloween season with multiple appearances in October and November:

He will be appearing at various locales including New Horizons books in Traverse City, MI all the way to the massive Days of the Dead convention on November 22nd in Chicago, IL. At each stop folks clamor for Hayes’ work like Cannibal Fat Camp and Keeping Molly. With nearly 20 years in the horror genre, he has a large body of work.

David C. Hayes is an award-winning author, performer and filmmaker whose films, including Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Back Woods, Blood Moon Rising, Machined, Reborn, Sportkill, A Man Called Nereus, Dark Places and The Frankenstein Syndrome, are among more than 70 productions available worldwide. He also appears in the eagerly anticipated horror film Dead Quiet, filmed in Pontiac last year and set for release in 2016. He is the author of several novels, collections and graphic novels including The Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show, Great American Slasher, Greasepaint, Cherub, Pegged, Scorn and Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood, Jr. On stage, he directed It's a Bird, It's a Plane It's Superman in the show's Midwest debut in 2015. As a playwright, David's full-length and one-act plays have been produced from coast to coast with a run Off-Broadway for the comedy Swamp Ho and sell-out performances for Dial P for Peanuts (winning a 2011 Ethingtony for Best Show). He is a voting member of The Dramatist's Guild and the Horror Writers Association.

Knightmare by SRS studios Is just that a Nightmare!

It's hard to believe that one of my favorite Indie directors Mark Polonia partnered up to make this garbage. I know Sub Rosa with few exceptions is notorious for putting out bad movies but torture is another thing. I remember watching vampire Inbred Rednecks and my god it was worse then waiting in the ER for 8 hrs. This film was mostly dialogue & all the killing happens in the last 10 mins, The film is about a High School reunion where some guy is mad because his classmates narced on him for cheating on his finals so he throws a reunion and decides to kill them wearing a Knight outfit which was never explained. Not Much Gore here just a lot of bickering for an hr between a bunch of bitches until the Guy throwing the party laces everyone's drink with acid and goes on a 10 min Killing spree the End. Dumb & not even loosely  cult classic material. I sup[pose the directors made 300 bucks woopie . Don't waste your time. The trailer is better then the film check it out & save your money for something better.

Raiders of the lost Shark-More Garbage with Great Art!

I noticed a couple distributors ...Cough Wild Eye & Sub Rosa Films can come up with some great artwork to sell a movie but whats behind that artwork being the film is Garbage. So this film which is brought to you by Wild EYE Releasing starts off with two guys guarding what is supposed to be a beach but looks more like a gross ass lake that nobody would even fish in let alone swim. They decide to bring dates to ease their work day & go for a swim when they all get eaten by a terrible CGI Shark. I mean this is some of the worst CGI I've ever seen. Meanwhile a teacher who's sister was killed by a shark years prior is hired to investigate & at this point I was 45 mins in and bored to tears so I turned to movie off...some reviewer right? Well I guess bad publicity is still good publicity as they say, Don't waste your time with this one, The only good thing about this film is the cool cover.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Scorpions Forever And A Day

I usually don't review these kind of movies but The Scorpions have been tightly knitted into the fabric of 80's Heavy Metal the era in which Horror & Metal was booming and life was just fun. In high school I always remember kids digging horror & wearing Scorpions T-Shirts and it was always an event going to see them in concert along with lots of other bands but were talking about one band here The Scorps! I really enjoyed watching this film it is a very in depth documentary of the band from their early beginnings to today. The interviews with the band are mostly in German and the film is subtitled but it still does not take away from the great story that is the Scorpions, There is also lots of great footage, It is inspiring to see how people make it to the big time & what they did to get there. The smartest thing I think the Scorpions did as told in this film was if a record was released in a specific country they made sure they played there thats a group who is always interested in the fans & that is what makes this band great, I urge anyone who digs metal & wants to be inspired to pick up this DVD.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Black Cats Arrow Films releases two Italian Classics in one box set!

This is a fantastic Box set I was very surprised with Sergio Martino's Film It was an amazing Giallo film he of course was responsible for Torso one of my Favorite Giallo films. Also included is an amazing booklet about these two films, Of course most horror fans know Fulci's Black cat but never has it looked this Good Arrow has done a fantastic job and the price is right. They are also releasing some amazing titles which have never even seen a DVD release let alone a Blu Ray release.
I highly suggest getting this and adding it to your collection.

The Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer is Here!!

I gotta say as a Kid I loved the first three films & I'm not talking about the order of the story I'm talking about the original films with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher, I didn't enjoy the newer films & I even walked out on the last one before the Infamous Darth Vader Scene, But I am looking Fwd to seeing this one, it has all the classic actors and is essentially a sequel to Return of the Jedi, I just have to wait 6 months for the nerdness to die down so I can get a seat ...I know someone will be in the theater that's seen it 48 times haha!

Tales Of Halloween- Finally another Decent Halloween movie Cult Classic?

Well, Finally another good Halloween movie, it is an anthology & all the stories take place in the same town and sort of but not completely tie into on another, I think Trick R treat of course was a little more Clever but this one was good just not as good but thats not knocking it. Instead of three short films there is about 10 and some are a lot better then others, the stories are not completely fleshed out but It still makes for a decent anthology. We start off with a classic familiar face in a familiar role for those who remember The Fog thats right Adrienne Barbeau Stars as our Host/ DJ taking us through the anthology also featuring Lim shaye & even John Landis there is no shortage of talent here, for those who love anthologies I would definitely recommend this movie , the synopsis goes something like this: Ten stories are woven together by their shared theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens and axe murderers appear for one night only to terrorize unsuspecting residents.-IMDB So I was right 10 stories, Id rather there had been less and the stories were a little more fleshed out but you can't complain when your entertained & that this movie does well. The film also puts across a good Halloween vibe which I like, there is something for everyone here go out & pick this one up.

See the movie here:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Eli Roth's Knock Knock....Not much of a Horror Film Yet a little fun!

I gotta say I'm not a Giant fan Of everything Eli Roth does, The only film I really liked from him was Cabin fever, I'm also not a fan Of Jungle cannibal Films but i did enjoy The Green inferno, It seems Eli has been pretty busy he has also released Knock Knock & something called The Stranger which I have yet to see. Knock Knock basically starts off with Reeves wife taking off for a few days & while working at home Reeves gets a knock at the door, Every mans dreams it's two hot chicks who wanna fuck. The two girls one played by Eli's wife do just that & seduce him I gotta say it got a rise out of me haha get it. The girls wont leave and begin to become a big annoying pair of unwanted guests. Reeves wife an artist has something a mutual friend who is an Art dealer or something is there to pick up one of her pieces while away & eventually he shows up to get it , at this point in the film Reeves is tied up in a closet it seems like these two girls are going to kill him but they don't, they end up killing his friend mind you which is the only death in the movie & making a statue out of him before they saw his head off . The girls eventually let reeves go because Knock Knock was just a game to prove a point, that the crazy girls all along were trying to do & that is every man cheats. The End, It was entertaining but I wouldn't watch this one twice. I also wouldn't classify this as horror it is more of a thriller for a younger audience. Eli laughs his way to the bank once more.

The Sand, A sad excuse for a Blood Beach remake.

Lets just start of with saying if your a fan of the 80's classic Blood Beach don't waste your time here.
The Sand was filmed in One location...Yes on a beach But only about 25 yards of the same beach.
I think the directors were going for an Adam Green Frozen type of film. The Sand Starts off with a Night scene of a huge beach party. We cut to Morning where there is two people in a life guard station & a car parked in front of it with 4 people inside & about 10 feet away from that is a Big Black dude stuffed in a Trash can with a penis drawn on his face who is to big to get out. The point of the film is for someone to figure out who to get help without being eaten by the sand. Everyone from the night before is gone. Here we go (Spoiler Alert) One guy from the car tries first and is eaten, a girl out on a table topless also eaten, Then we got an hour of yelling back & fourth "What are we gonna do "What are we gonna do". Finally a guy takes two surf boards and fails miserably trying to walk across the boards. Later a Beach Patrol shows up & guess what he is eaten by the sand.
Finally the last two survivors Make it to the Beach patrol truck, throw gas on the beach and burn it, the end. P.S. I forgot the creature makes its way to the water & is heading to a populated beach oh no please dont make another one. Gore was good for cgi but the movie is not that good. I don't know if they were trying to pay homage to Blood beach or were hoping people forgot about that film. This film explains nothing as to where this monster came from It basically just hatched one night on the beach? Don't waste your time with this one.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deadly Horror Reviews Interview with Bill Zebub

 1- Who are you biggest influences as a filmmkaer & what drives you?

i don't have any influences.  I've actually been asking myself what drives me.
it's definitely not money.  I've always been involved in creative pursuits,
like writing, music, and of course, filming.  I know that most people hate what
I make, so i am not driven by a need to gain acceptance or praise.  I do what i
do but i don't know why.

 2- The world is changing & it seems there is not a lot of outlets anymore for
 physical media how do you feel about that?

I had laughed at the idea of people downloading or streaming.  I treasured my
physical media and couldn't imagine how someone would be content with a stream
or a burned copy..  The trends of today show me that i am not generalize-able to
the masses.  I have a curse in which I can only succeed if i fail at the same
time.  My movies had become big in a certain national chain of stores, but when
a douchebag district manager entered a store and saw employees going bananas
over the new shipment of my craziness, he took a few flicks into the office and
took a look.  He was so outraged that he threatened the guy who decides which
movies get accepted by the chain - he said that if my movies weren't recalled
then he would go up the corporate ladder.  That sucked.  But my movies slowly
got in afterward, but 600 or so stores closed.  It would have been nice to ride
that cash cow for a bit before the collapse.  Anyway, yes, it seems that DVD
sections in stores are getting smaller, but their selection always sucked. I'm
not as affected by the changes in consumer behavior because my fans seek me out
and they actually support me.  I hope that there will always be physical media,
at least for my own viewing pleasure.  I buy most of my movies from indie
merchants because the big stores don't carry what i want.

 3- What do you have to say about today's Indie Horror Distributors &  What
 would you recommend to somebody just starting out?

I have kept away from most of the shady distros, except for one.  But I knew
that they were thieves ahead of time,  I basically looked at them as making free
promotional copies, ha ha.  You see, I have a huge amount of movies, so while I
got massively ripped off by a company in Arizona, they helped my movies to reach
people outside of my circle. But I wonder why no one has ever kiled the guy who
runs that distro.  Maybe one day.  At least a beating.  Maybe that's why he's in
Arizona.  He's fucking with peoples' livelihood.  As for people starting out,
stay away from distributors who require written warning before you want to
examine the bookkeeping.  They need time to cook the books.  My main distributor
is honorable in that sense.  I can log in at any time and see all numbers.  I
think that it's better to tell the fledgling producer that all companies have
pros and cons.  Just don't get conned. Don't sit on your ass.  If you get a
deal, you have to work.  The distributor is just there to get you accepted by
merchants.  The rest is up to you.

4- Your movies are quite unique they definitely Have a Bill Zebub Flavor to
 them was this by design?

 If I had bigger budgets then there would be more eyes on the projects.  In the
 script-writing phase I would be told that my dialogue doesn't drive the plot
 forward, or any of the oteher hundred things that separate it from a
 mainstream movie.  During the editing phase, the movie would surely be much
 different than if i were the one cutting it.  What i am trying to say is that
 my movies are the way that they are because I am the only one who makes
 decisions.  If I worked in a group then there would be limitations placed on
 my ways.  Corrections would be made.  I'm not against that.  It's just that i
 make at least five movies a year.  i don't have any idle time to wait for a
 group to form.  Maybe I will put together something in the future, but I just
 don't like the business part of making movies.  

 5- Whats next for you?

I am almost done with "Dickshark" which is my most absurd movie.  AS with most
of my movies, it is difficult to summarize.  Suffice it to say that it is
strange, with huge amounts of nudity for no reason.

 6- You seem to have a cult following , what do you think it takes for an indie
 filmmaker to develop a following?

Work.  Constant work. I know that Americans like to take shortcuts and to expend
as little effort as possible, but the only reason that i have any kind of name
or success is because i devoted my waking life to it.

 7- Please say something to the fans 

There are no legs in a truth table.

 8-Who is your Favorite Micro budget film director & why?

I don't think in those terms.  I don't have a favorite song, color, or sexual
position.  I have different moods, so what is enjoyed during one mood will be
hated in another.  I know a lot of indie people but i don't really watch their
movies.  It's not because I think that i am better.  I just don't have the time.
When i can give myself a couple of hours, i choose what i watch very carefully
because it's my reward.  Another reason why I don't watch much indie stuff is
because it's imitative.  It's people making audition movies for Hollywood.  At
least that is what it seems like to me.  It's like a d.j. playing requests
instead of personally selecting the music, for fear of rejection.  But another
reason why i don't watch movies of peers is because I don't want to see how
other people are doing things.  Like i said earlier, i have no influences, and
part of that is because I refuse to have any.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

INSECTULA -One of the best indie Horror films to come around in a long time.

INSECTULA as a reviewer of Indie Horror for many years, I must say this is a serious breath of fresh air, while so many trendi clicks are going on in the genre and so many filmmkaers are getting way more credit they deserve, Finally comes something that not many with few exceptions manage to pull off and pull off well & that is a good old Monster Creature Feature!
First I wanna post a synopsis:
A giant alien mosquito-type insect is drawn to earth from the CO2 pollution in search of blood. Del, a government agent, loses loved ones to the creature and is on a personal vendetta while the Dr. Kempler is captivated by it and attempts to help the creature cleanse the earth.
First off this film comes from first time director of a full length feature Michael Peterson
who also did all the visual F/X The Monsters in this film are amazing everything about this film is amazing and rather go to a shiester distributor who will take 3/4 of your money In Every case he was smart enough to self Distribute from his own studio.
Insectula Starts off with Government agent Del at the beach with his loved one, while she's going for a nice little swim BOOM a Meteor or is it crashes in the water. We later see Her body torn to pieces and the Vendetta begins. As the film Progresses we are introduced to Dr kempler Who at first seems to try & help Del but all the time you can sense he is Mad, although the film is a little campy at times it is done perfect and hits the nail on the head, The Monsters are amazing the story is great with a terrific Twist ending leaving you hoping for a follow-up, This director has a ton of talent & i really would love to see more from this guy.
I highly recommend this film if you love Creature features & some Great Gore and just a good fun Horror Sci Fi Then absolutely buy this film.
I think after viewing the trailer you'll know what I mean.

Friday, October 9, 2015

CHILLERS 2 A great new anthology

Buy it here... just watched this really great 3 film anthology sent to me from the distributor & loved it, I found the first story about an aspiring Horror filmmaker to be the best, lots of cool stuff to like about this one, especially when the camera pans his collection. It's about a guy who lures actors to be in his film which turns out to be snuff, sounds distirbing yet it's charming, another tale about a couple who decides they want eachother dead so they take a camping trip & karma hits em both, I wont spoil the rest but if your an anthology freak like me pick this one up.I really look FWD to Chillers 3

Thursday, October 1, 2015

John Carpenter will perform his iconic film soundtracks live for the first time

Legendary director and composer John Carpenter has just scheduled his live debut at the young age of 67. Known for Halloween, Escape from New York, They Live, and so many more, the Master of Horror will perform selections from his classic soundtracks, as well as songs from his debut album Lost Themesat the 2016 All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Iceland.
Set for July 1st – 3rd, ATP Iceland will welcome Carpenter, his son Cody Carpenter, and his godson Daniel Davies (son of The Kinks’ Dave Davies) to the stage alongside a full live band and the promise of “spectacular stage production.”
john carpenter live