Monday, December 7, 2015

Horror Actress turns Director in" Aunties" A Terrifying Family Secret

Aunties A young woman is introduced to the dark secrets of survival from two family matriarchs. Once the secret is finally revealed, will the knowledge of the truth convince her to continue the family’s horrific practices or will she attempt to disclose the secret which would likely bring about her own demise. Auntie #1: Tea E. L. K. Manson Auntie # 2: Natasha P. ThomasManson Niece : Shepsut Wilson Director of Photography Paul C Hemmes Director : Dineta Williams-Trigg

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kill Game Is a Throwback to the Glory days of Slashers.

I have seen a couple pretty good modern slashers lately, & myself being a huge fan of Slasher films from the heyday of 1978-83 It really has to be pretty good for me to like it. Kill Game was good, It has the classic slasher formula in which a kid who was teased in high school comes back to take his revenge. There are a lot of little twists and turns in this film & as soon as you think you Have the Killer figured out you don't. I don't wanna give to much else away here, but the kills were awesome, the Killer's Get up is awesome (See pic) and all around I think I would add this to my collection which is saying a lot. Go check this one out.