Monday, April 20, 2015

Two New Horror Titles Coming April 21st From Cheezy Flicks That Look Very Promising


Chiller is a Three Tales Bone Chilling Anthology
A Haunt:
Carrie Just wanted to Go Check out Some local Haunted houses to kill time but got a lot more then what she bargained for.
Soul Mates:
After A mugging Jason is plagued by nightmares. Is this just night terrors or something far worse.
The Couple:
Thieves Barbara & Freddy thought they pulled off the heist of a lifetime until they come across a stranded couple seeking shelter now they have to deal with them in order to get away with it.
Im a huge fan of anthologies first of all & i would say it if I thought this was a bad anthology I would have NO problem letting you know that this movie sucks... but it doesn't & another thing i love about this film is it doesn't spare you on any Gore. Cheezy Flicks is mostly known for their really cool re-releases of older classic titles Ranging From Mario Bavas Black Sabbath, to Exploitation ,Film Noir & even Westerns. This time Cheezy has really come up with two great new Horror titles here. Next up is:


Sirens. A blinding flash. Silence.
Then, the realization:
They had survived, and they were alone.
An ominous disaster forces five survivors to wait out nuclear winter in a secret underground bomb shelter. With limited supplies and nowhere else to go, the group struggles against the clock until it's safe to return to the surface.
As weeks turn into months, one room proves too small for five people. Social norms break down in their one-room civilization where privacy is extinct. Habits curdle into routine, relationships dissolve, obsessions give way to madness.
Trapped not only with each other but with the consequences of their actions, the survivors must ask themselves: Is their underground life worth preserving at all? I know what your thinking we have seen this plot done a million times, but this movie was very entertaining from start to finish & will take you on a ride you don't want to get off. I really wanna hand it to these guys this is an exciting movie & as a big horror fan I would recommend both of these titles , see them or buy them anyway you can but check them out.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The VHS & Horror Comeback

I really dig that especially in the horror genre there has been a huge VHS comeback in recent years & some companies are even releasing New movies on VHS like the old days Companies like Sub Rosa, Briarwood Entertainment & More.
Slaughter tales an old school SOV film by inspiring 15 yr old director at the time Johnny Dickie was released by Briarwood.
Yale university even recognized the importance of the VHS era & has been reported to have recently bought over 2,000 VHS for their personal Library.
It looks like Horror is on the rise folks in every aspect possible and a great investment, I'm putting my stock in it so should you!
Other VHS companies to look out for Lunchmeat Ent,, & the many facebook collectors groups.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peter Criss to record New album with John 5

Peter shows here that he's still got it by ripping over Zombies Drummer during God of Thunder in which Peter was brought on stage, It has been officially announced Peter Criss is working on a new record that will be hard & will feature Zombies own John 5 We will keep you posted. Peter Criss will also be attending the Mad Monster Party In Phoenix Arizona this May 2015