Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Arrow to re-release Argentos Classic The Bird W/The Crystal Plumage

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage 

Sam Dalmas, an American writer, is walking past an art gallery where a attempted murder is taking place.The police are called and take The victim Monica, owner of the art gallery, to the hospital. Inspector Morosini brings Sam  in for questioning. Sam is to leave Rome to go back to America. Morosini takes Sam's passport and asks Sam to stay and help him investigate the attempted murder. There have been 3 murders prior to Monica's attack. Sam stays with his girlfriend Julia. As he investigates, the murderer(s) stalk him. As he investigates, he meets an array of quirky characters which include a stuttering pimp and a cat loving artist.
Julia gets kidnapped by the killer and Sam comes to her rescue and the killer is revealed.

This is Dario Argento's first turn as a solo director and his first giallo. He did an excellent job. I have seen it 2 times already. I love this movie!

Yours cruelly, Madame Cadaver

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